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Fearless Wallflower is a clothing brand that celebrates the power of the individual. The brand offers bold colors and patterns that are meant to empower those who wear it.

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The Fearless Wallflower line aims to empower people to live their dreams and go after doing what they love. We want to make sure that anyone who wears our clothing feels like a fearless warrior, a wallflower turned fashionista, and an agent of change.

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The focus of Garley and Janelle as of now is Women’s clothing and a few Men’s items. Later down the line they plan on making children’s clothing, home goods, etc. The people they are focusing on right now are the people who are not afraid of change and are willing to join them on this journey in accomplishing the goals that they set out for themselves. Their Future goal is to become a household name.



 Janelle is more on the shy side and Garley is more on the talkative side, so they even each other out. They decided to do more African prints in their clothing because they both have African backgrounds, and they love the prints as well. Garley is Liberian and Janelle is half Jamaican and African American. Their line is Afro-Urban inspired, incorporating both the African prints with the urban style. Both of their style is urban, but they always wanted their clothing in cool African prints rather than traditional African garment. Separately they couldn’t find what they wanted, but once they came together everything fell into place.


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