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To Fearless Wallflower

This clothing line came about when Garley texted Janelle one day and suggested that they work together. Excitement was Janelle’s initial reaction but she was still a little skeptical. She then agreed because they both needed a partner and also they knew it was harder working by themselves. They came up with the name for their clothing line “FearlessWallflower” by integrating both lines and their personalities together.

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Garley and Janelle started their clothing line in May of 2015. They met through mutual friends; they both were doing separate clothing lines, but had the same goals without knowing. Garley’s clothing line was called “Fearless”. The goal for her clothing line was to wake people up from living other’s dreams, and to start living theirs. And she believed the best way they could go about it was to stop being so fearful and just do it. Janelle’s clothing line was called “Blooming Wallflower”. Her clothing line came from her being shy, and wanting to come into her own, blooming to the world as well as letting others know it’s okay to go after what you want. Her goal was to also let people know that you don’t have to be so scared, but rather put that aside and focus on being happy and doing what you love.


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